Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships 2021

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships 2021 are intended for students who aspire to be influential leaders and who have a broad interest outside of studies, as well as a desire to further enhance their personal and academic experience in Scotland.

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships 2021

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships 2021

The Scottish Government, in collaboration with Scottish universities, is offering Scottish Celery Scholarships to citizens who wish to study full-time postgraduate degrees in Scottish universities in the fields of science, technology, creative arts, healthcare and medicine in selected countries. , And renewable and clean energy.


Scotland’s higher education institutions

Number of Scholarships:

Up to 50 Scholarships is available

Eligible group:

Nationals of the following countries:China (including Hong Kong), Pakistan, India, Canada, Japan and USA.

Level of study:

Masters degree in technology, science, creative industries, healthcare and medical sciences, or renewable and clean energy which offered at Scottish Universities.

Also eligible are Distance learning courses.

Examples of topics include:

  • Science – such as geology; Environment; Power; Geology Weather and climate; Plant / plant science; Zoology.
  • Technology – such as Software; Engineering; Bioinformatics; Information; Systems; Multimedia; Engineering; Computer.
  • Creative industries – such as communication, computer games / computer arts; Design; Graphic Art; Interior Fashion, media and culture; Broadcast Film; Animation Journalism Cultural; Publishing New Media Studies;
  • Healthcare and medical sciences – such as physical and life sciences; Chemistry; Physics; Astronomy; Biology; Biotechnology; Health sciences.
  • Renewable and clean energy – for example sustainable engineering; Hydropower / Solar / Tidal / Wind Power ; Renewable energy; Biomass / biofuels.

Scholarship value:

Scholarship Value / Inclusion:

Each prize is worth 8000 for a 1-year tuition fee for a full-time study in the Postgraduate Masters program.

Any additional costs and expenses are the responsibility of the student


Candidates must:

• Have a contingent or unqualified proposal of a spot at a Scottish college on a qualified course that will be conveyed truly in Scotland or through distance web based learning or by means of a mix of both.

• Be residents of Canada, India, Japan, USA, Pakistan or China (Hong Kong residents are additionally qualified as it is a Special Administrative Region of China)

• Be ready to exhibit that they can meet the expenses of living in Scotland and the excess educational expenses.

• Not have recently concentrated in Scotland.

• Not have recently gotten a Saltire Scholarship.

• Meet the language necessities of the course.

• Complete an application frame and submit it by the end date of 28 May 2021.

Applicants must be interested in studying in Scotland and / or a specific Scottish university and be interested in working and studying in a global context and taking a leadership position in their chosen career. They must demonstrate the necessary willingness to participate in the program program with the scholarship and the necessary interpersonal and communication skills.

Application Procedure:

The scholarship application form must be submitted online and your unique reference number must be included in the offer letter from your Scottish University.

Application Deadline: 28 May 2021 (Annual)

Course will starts Fall 2021

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